Acute Note Productions New York City

The “Monster” video I shot was recently accepted into The Peoples Film Festival! Check out the Monster page on Facebook for photos and to stay up to date on the video’s release and viewing schedule. In the meantime, be sure to check out the trailer!

Last weekend I shot my third music video for Mr. Two’Oh. The song is called “Monster” and we decided to take this video to the next level by upping the production value: Lights, makeup, and a storyline. We secured a location in Staten Island that provided the perfect blend of eerie and awesome. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead (or any zombie flick) you will probably like the video. Stay tuned. 

Two'Oh E.H.M.P. 2014 Artist Of The Year

Pre-production has begun on a new music video. Stay tuned!

Favorite Albums Of 2013

My latest music video: “Six A.M.” off of Mr. Two’Oh’s mixtape Two’oh Season Vol. 1

Fool’s Gold Day Off. 

I heard this song in a mix not too long ago and I’ve been grooving to it ever since. 

Mike Parker: Hypnotism

A pretty cool interview highlighting Parker’s latest album, live shows, and more. He’s also done a handful of remixes for Intermission Ltd and I got to meet him a while back when he played at National Underground. You can check out the short video I made of that event here

The Turn It Up A Notch Radio team attended the DMX performance at MGM Grand Theater. 

You can't put music on a refrigerator